About Us

Welcome to the Northumberland District ATV Riders Club

The Northumberland District ATV Riders Club is a club for ATV riders and enthusiasts located in Northumberland County with kilometers of trails to enjoy.

Our HistoryNDATV's BoardOur MissionCode of Ethics

Our club was formed on April 1, 2006 and has continued to  grow steadily to over 140 members. We are under the umbrella of the Ontario Trails Council which is a volunteer led, non-governmental, non-profit charitable organization promoting the creation, preservation, management and use of Ontario’s recreational trails. We are affiliated with the Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance (EOTA) and the OFATV and reciprocate trail passes with all ATV clubs affiliated with the EOTA and the OFATV. Clubs under this umbrella include Napanee, Outback, Frontenac, Renfrew, Ottawa Valley, Huron Shores, South Bruce, Maitland, Quinte West, Picton, Clarksurg, Bourqet, Winchester, Navan, Prescott, McGregor, lnnerkip, Caledonia, Alymer, Leamington, Norfolk, Niagara, Port Severn, Simcoe, Barrie, Espanola, and Sudbury. As you can see we are determined to get an Ontario wide one pass trail system instead of every club having their own pass.

We have trails mapped and have obtained private landowner agreements where necessary. We are continuing to map and build additional trails throughout the county and will strive to link these trails to neighboring trails. These trails require the use of un-assumed and un-maintained roads as well as some road use to link. Where the road use by-laws have been passed we are now able to sign and post our trail system. We have signed our trails and have begin to advertise and warden all of our trails.

We are a very active club holding rides, dances, garbage pickups, ATV maintenance seminars, GPS courses, fundraising events and more planned for what promises to be another exciting year.

NDATV’s Board of Directors

Mike Ainsworth, President
Mike Tarrington, Vice President
Dan Worsick, Secretary, Webmaster
Kim McKeen, Treasurer
Don Brown
Al Chapman, Trail Maintenance
Steven Fleming, Apparel
Wayne Hodgson, Ride Coordinator
Linda Moore-Cann, Meals and Refreshments
Dave Sheppard, Program Director
Jim Taylor, Warden Coordinator
NDATV Corporation Bylaws are available here.

To develop and maintain a safe trail system, provide education and enjoyable social events for all terrain vehicle riders and their families in Northumberland County.  To respect the environment, landowner rights, Ontario ATV laws and provide an example and voice for safe and responsible riding for all terrain vehicle riders.

  • I will be a good sports person. I recognize that many people will judge all ATV owners by my actions. I will use my influence with other ATV owners to promote responsible conduct.
  • I will maintain clean trails and use areas. I will work to safeguard clean and pure streams and lakes. I will ensure my ATV use has the lowest possible impact on the environment. I will safeguard living trees, shrubs, and other natural features.
  • I will respect other people’s property and rights.
  • I will lend a helping hand when I see someone in distress.
  • I will make my vehicle and myself available to assist in emergency situations.
  • I will recognize the rights of other user groups.
  • I will energetically strive to bring other recreation participants to recognize and respect my rights as an ATVer by explaining my needs and, at the same time, listening to their needs.
  • I will learn and obey all federal, provincial, and municipal rules regulating the operation of ATV’s in areas where I use my vehicle. I will inform public officials, as required, when using public lands.
  • I will not harass wildlife, and will become aware of protected or sensitive areas.
  • I will use marked trails, and areas open to ATV’s. I will not travel where prohibited.
  • I will not ride under the influence of non prescription drugs or alcohol.
  • I will always wear required safety equipment while operating my ATV.

Come explore and be part of our club by also becoming a member!