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There are five choices for trail passes as follows:

Trail Pass Available Cost Valid Trails Valid Time
Yearly Membership OFATV,Sponsor,NDATV $150 OFATV/EOTA Club Trails 1 year from date of purchase
Weekend Pass OFATV,Sponsor,NDATV $50 OFATV/EOTA Club Trails 3 Consecutive Days
Day Pass NDATV $20 OFATV/EOTA Club Trails 1 Specified Day
Special Event Pass NDATV $20 The Event’s Route 1 Specified Day
Family Pass NDATV $150 each for first 2 passes
then $100 each every addition pass
OFATV/EOTA Club Trails 1 year from date of purchase
The Day, Special and Family Passes must be purchased from the NDATV Club in person.
All memberships within the family pass are for members of the same family residing at the same address.

Provincial Trail Permits include an NDATV Club Membership and are available for purchase from:

Yearly and Weekend passes online at OFATV.
Yearly and Weekend passes at these Sponsors.
All trail passes are available from NDATV at all our events.
Purchase passes from NDATV by mail.
To Purchase by Mail

Have a new ATV? For $12 the new ATV can be transferred to your membership.

The Provincial Trail Pass included in a NDATV membership allows you to ride several ATV Club trails.

Conditions of Sale