Tech Tips

Know your Machine

It is very important to inspect your ATV regularly. To help you out we compiled the following tips.
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Follow the guidelines in your ATV’s owner manual and perform the maintenance listed. You should find the following tips very useful.
Before every ride follow these simple tips:
  • Check your oil level and top it up if necessary.
  • Check your tire pressure and inflate to manufacturers recommendations.
  • Start every ride with a full tank of gas.
This is just little advice for beginners.
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If you drowned your ATV, chances are you got water in the engine. What to do depends on where the water is and how much is in there.
Water in the cylinder
Water in the crankcase
Water in belt drive
Lots of people are leery of using a truck or car battery to boost an ATV. This is not a problem if you follow these tips:

The donor vehicle must not be running.

    • Shut off the engine
    • Put the keys in you pocket to avoid any current spikes.
    • CAA of donor battery does not matter


“What is the reasoning behind these tips?”

Why should the donor vehicle not be running?
What about the donor battery?

Basically, its safe, to boost your ATV using a vehicle’s battery as long as the vehicle’s engine is not running, and assuming nothing else is wrong with your ATV but a dead battery. Always confirm that the charging system is performing properly.

Note: Remember that your ATV’s charging system is not meant to be a battery charger, it is designed to maintain a battery charge. Always replace a defective battery ASAP to avoid any charging system concerns.