General Membership Oct 2017

On Sunday October 15th, 2017 NDATV held it’s fall General Membership meeting. Mike Ainsworth opened the meeting and introduced the NDATV executive and board members. We had 27 members attend the meeting.

The key points of the meeting were:

  • Scott Shepperdson has been appointed 2nd Vice President of OFATV and can no longer hold the position of NDATV’s OFATV Representative. Dave Sheppard volunteered to be the prime NDATV’s OFATV Representative and Steve Fleming volunteered to be the backup NDATV’s OFATV Representative.
  • Scott provided an OFATV update and news report. Key items were the OFATV’s online loyalty program starting January 2018 where a member can save $25 if they renew before their pass expires. OFATV will send the member an email a month before and again two weeks before their pass expires. Currently OFATV members can ride in the province of New Brunswick. OFATV is negotiating with Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia and PEI. OFATV is negotiating with Backroad Mapbooks if its members can get discounts on the GPS chips and books published with Backroad Mapbooks as they have all of OFATV’s club trails on their maps. Scott brought up the interesting fact that Ontario has over 310,000 registered ATVs/Side by Sides and OFATV only has 3,100 members… only 1% of ATV owners!
  • ATV Road Use Bylaws presentations were prepared for Hamilton, Cramahe Townships and Brighton. The Hamilton Township for the third time rejected having an ATV Road Use Bylaw. This is unfortunate but no longer worth our effort in dealing with their current council. Cramahe Township presentation was exactly the opposite and well received. Brighton’s presentation will be presented in the near future. Mike A. mentioned that he will be going to Alnwick/Haldimand council this year.
  • Mike A. mentioned that 2018 will be our major fundraiser for the Northumberland Food for Thought Student Nutrition Program. The new board will need to look into reaching more members to be involved and to work on making this fundraising event successful.
  • Kim presented the treasurer’s report and our NDATV auditor’s audit of the financial books found them to be in order.
  • Dan presented the warden’s and the webmaster’s report.  Dan explained the difference between the our public image of the website containing our news blog and our static information pages versus our Facebook group as our member’s social media where members can post their messages and news. Dan mentioned that this is the time of year we clean up our news postings and photo albums to create space for the upcoming year’s events. If you want to download a particular picture(s) off the website you have until the end of October.  We are also looking into creating a new website design the beginning of 2018.
  • Dan introduced five changes to the NDATV Corporate Bylaws which were approved by the members present at the meeting. Once all directors have signed off on the document, the Bylaws will be uploaded to the website.
  • Under New Business a member brought up the point that we need more lead time for scheduling work on the trails such as bridge repair. It would help if these events could be planned in advance and added to the NDATV event schedule. The new board will look into this when planning the 2018 events. It was ;also mentioned that NDATV should participate in the Apple Blossom Festival. The new board will look into festivals and other town’s events in which NDATV should have a presence and add it to the NDATV schedule.
  • As this is an election year the current NDATV board was dissolved. As only 11 members volunteered as directors and as our board is made up of 11 directors, no ballots were necessary. The members present approved the nominees.
  • Your new NDATV Board:


Mike Ainsworth Don Brown Al Chapman
Steve Fleming Wayne Hodgson Kim McKeen
Linda Moore-Cann Don Sayles David Sheppard
Patti Sheppard Jim Taylor