The Northumberland and Peterborough Trails ATV Clubs hosted a joint ride on Saturday August 26. We had 31 bikes and 34 riders attend this event. A great turnout and a beautiful day for riding. There were a few dusty spots, but not too bad; all the rain this summer has helped. The ride started at 9:30 heading west into the Northumberland county forest. We visited both lookouts and travelled around the forest trails, before returning to the NDATV clubhouse where we had a BBQ lunch. A huge thank you, from everyone who attended, goes out to the Peterborough ATV Club who supplied the burgers, sausages, buns, beverages and all the toppings. After lunch we headed east on our trails towards Lizzy’s Bridge. The total trip was 100km. The Northumberland members would like to thank the members from the Peterborough ATV Club who attended the ride, a great group of riders and are welcome to come ride our trails anytime. As a leader of many rides, the “shuffle the deck” method of riding worked beautifully. The new riders adapted to this method of riding quickly, which made for a smoother and quicker ride, for such a large number of bikes.

Pictures of the ride, are available here.