ATV Storage

If you don’t plan on using your ATV for a long time, it will need special servicing requiring appropriate materials, equipment and skill. For this reason, your dealer may recommend that you visit them for the maintenance work on your ATV. If you plan to prepare your ATV for storage yourself, follow these steps:
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  • A thorough cleaning of your ATV is a necessary part of maintenance and will help keep your ATV looking and performing its best. Proper cleaning can also extend the life of your ATV.
  • Wash the ATV before any mud dries on your ATV.
  • Place the vehicle on level ground and wash the entire vehicle.

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  • It is strongly recommended to change your engine oil, transmission oil and gear oils before storing your ATV for a long period of time.
  • If your coolant is near the replacement interval, now would be the perfect opportunity if your ATV will be stored outside or in an unheated storage building or subjected to the cold elements.

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  • Over time gasoline will evaporate and leave behind a varnish which will coat and possibly clog the fuel delivery system.
  • Needle jets, floats and valves in the carburetor will be affected by this varnish and lead to drivability problems.
  • You have two options to preventing fuel system varnish build up while your ATV is stored:
    • Drain the fuel from the ATV:
      • Drain the fuel from the fuel tank using a hand pump or siphon.
      • Drain the fuel from the carburetor using the carburetor drain screw
    • Add fuel stabilizer to the fuel gas tank.

[su_tab title=”Engine”]

  • Remove the spark plug and pour one tablespoon of motor oil into the spark plug hole. Reinstall the spark plug and crank the engine a few times to spread the oil in the cylinder.

[su_tab title=”Battery”]

  • Remove the battery from the vehicle.
  • Clean the outside of the battery with mild soap and remove any corrosion from the terminals and wiring harness.
  • Store the battery in a dry room above freezing.

[su_tab title=”Tires”]

  • Inflate tires to the normal pressure and if possible keep them out of direct sunlight to prevent drying and cracking.
  • Raise the tires off the ground if at all possible by using a motorcycle stand or jack stands to prevent flat spots.

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  • Spray all vinyl and rubber parts with rubber protection.
  • Spray unpainted surfaces with rust preventative.
  • Coat paint surfaces with car wax.

[su_tab title=”Storage Covers”]

You will want to place a high quality cover on your machine to protect it from the elements.Make sure that it is a breathable cover with a soft inner lining to prevent scratching of the plastic.  A non-breathable cover will trap condensation promoting corrosion and mold while a breathable cover will allow moisture to evaporate.


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