Corbyville to Sharbot Lake

The NDATV Club hosted its first ride of the 2017 season on Saturday April 15th. We had 30 ATV’s and 34 riders attend this event. It was a sun/cloud start to the morning as the group left Corbyville on route to Sharbot Lake.

The trail had a few flooded areas where the water was deeper than usual, but still passable, and they were dusty in most places, which was not unusual. We met up with the Peterborough ATV Club at the steel bridge 108/212 junction in Crookston who also had their first ride of the season, so the 108 trail (Trans Canada Rail line) saw some action for sure, as they were heading to Kaladar.

Once we reached Kaladar, a few drops of rain began; as we proceeded further east, it became a steady light rain. We arrived at Sharbot Lake and had a great lunch at the Maples Restaurant; the staff were friendly and provided exceptional service. The food was excellent with a variety of menu selections and priced reasonable, their homemade burgers are awesome. If anyone is planning a ride or out in that area, I highly recommend the Maples Restaurant.

After lunch we began our return to Corbyville, raining a bit harder now, but there was a positive side as we drove further west the rain lessened and eventually stopped when we stopped for gas in Kaladar. It made way for a dust free ride home. We travelled 230 Km round trip, which made for an enjoyable day on the trails for all.

Pictures of the ride, available here.