General Membership May 2016

The first General Membership meeting for 2016 was held on May 15th at our NDATV’s clubhouse.

Mike Ainsworth introduced the current executives and directors of the Northumberland District ATV Riders Club and chaired the general meeting:

  • Mike A. introduced two changes to the NDATV Corporate Bylaws. An increase to the number of NDATV Directors from 9 to 11 and an increase to the number of directors to form a quorum from 7 to 9. Both proposed bylaw amendments were approved by the members present.
  • Mike A. introduced Dave Sheppard who volunteered to come on the board as Program Director. Approved by the members present.
  • Scott Shepperdson volunteered to be the Event Coordinator looking after the monthly EOTA rides.
  • Mike A. talked about our issues with the EOTA and having to get our own insurance versus using EOTA.
  • Mike A. introduced Bruce Murphy the past president of the OFATV. Bruce shared information on the OFATV and what direction they were going.
  • Mike A. brought forth a motion to the members to move from EOTA to OFATV. The members present unanimously voted for the move.
  • May 28th is our major fundraiser for the Northumberland Food for Thought Student Nutrition Program. This is a worthy endeavour to ensure kids have enough food and energy to go through the school day. At this year’s NFFT appreciation breakfast, NDATV received a thank you certificate from NFFT.
  • Mike A. mentioned the work done to the clubhouse since the last meeting.
  • Trent Hills has passed their ATV road use bylaw. This year the club will be approaching the Gramahe and Hamilton Townships for an ATV road use bylaw.
  • An unassumed road in Brighton separating a landowner’s property is being contested by the landowner. This route is currently used by snowmobiles and ATV riders. The next Brighton counsel to discuss this closure is on June 13th.
  • The Treasurer’s report was given by Kim.
  • Dan discussed that the NDATV wardens are waiting for the Northumberland Forest Volunteer’s Course.
  • We have created a new closed Facebook group for NDATV which members can join.
  • Under new business, Scott mentioned that it is important to email him if you are planning to attend a monthly EOTA ride. This is so we can notify you if the ride is cancelled and so we know if we have to wait for you at the parking lot.

After the meeting we rode on loop 1 through the forest and took loop 2 in the east. We had 36 members attend the meeting and 26 ATVs rode in the day’s poker run. The poker winners were first Barry G., second Lori T. and third place was Zack.

Pictures of the general meeting and poker ride are available here.