June’s EOTA Ride

On Saturday June 11th the Northumberland District ATV Riders Club hosted an EOTA ride along the Trans Canada Trail and Heritage Trail Systems. We started in Corbyville on route to Tweed (lunch in Tweed) then travelled, back through Stirling to Corbyville for a distance of 115 km.

We had 7 ATV’s and 8 riders attend this event. It was a great day to ride, the rain on Friday night was enough to keep the dust down but there were numerous puddles on the trails. We saw 3 deer, who were very camera shy, could not get cameras ready in time before they disappeared into the woods, numerous turtles and other wildlife and blooming spring flowers. One obstacle was encountered along the Heritage Trail from Stirling to Corbyville, but each of us skillfully maneuver around and under the big tree which had fallen as a result of the high winds. We saw many other riders out enjoying the dust free trails and nice weather. Thanks to all who attended and shared photos.

Pictures of the ride are available here.