Weslemekoom Lake 2017

The NDATV Club hosted the Weslemekoom Lake ride on Saturday June 17. We had 25 ATV’s and 28 riders. It was a bit damp in the morning with the light rain falling. However, 30 minutes into the ride the rain had stopped, either that or everyone was so focused on riding they never notice the rain. The rain was welcomed, as it controlled the dusty sections of the ride. Murff, is in my bad books as he gave my new chainsaw away to one of the riders. I guess he was in a giving mood. Thank you to Tracy and Jeff for returning it to its rightful owner. The ride was a good mix for everyone, water, mud, bush trails, rocks, roads, and some tight slower moving trails. The bugs were bad in places, mostly the mosquitoes, but the dragonflies were having a feast. We departed from Gunter at 9:40 am and returned at 6:10 pm. We had many stops along the way, allowing riders to stretch. Our usual lunch stop at the hunting camp gave all the riders and opportunity to socialize as they had their lunch. After lunch, we made our way to the swimming hole, but we had no takers who wanted to take a dip in the lake. After the swimming stop, we made our way back to Gunter and on route many of the riders saw a fawn deer swimming in the swamp. There were sightings of deer, turtles, beavers, and wild turkeys as we made our way around the loop.
One last note Laurie and I would like to wish all the dads a HAPPY FATHERS DAY. Personally, I think a great Father’s Day present would be to have someone wash their ATV. As a reminder to those who have been able to have a loved one willing to do this, please make sure that they flush the radiators out thoroughly. The silt and mud from yesterday’s ride will dry like cement causing overheating issues on your next trip.
Thank You, to everyone who turned out and for posting the great pictures and videos of the ride on our Facebook Page.
Pictures of the ride, are available here.